Mars Woodhill’s kaleidoscopic whorls and eddies of paint bring to mind naturally occurring geological forms – semi-precious stones, geodes, or mineral deposits… Part of the visual interest lies in her working process, one that is fascinatingly legible on the surface of her paintings.

–Ian Alteveer Assistant Curator, Modern and Contemporary Art The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Inspired by natural phenomenon, my paintings often showcase biological, geological and cartographical influences. A painting may appear to be the interior of a geological formation, a land or sea mass viewed from afar or perhaps an unleashed biological creation.

Utilizing the fluid dynamics of paint, the sensation of rapid motion or an effect of an explosion or implosion is formed. Depicting energy and movement, I seek to examine the elements that produce change in nature. As I delve into adaptation to boundaries, and convergence/divergence, some of my paintings freeze a moment of explosive energy, while others provide a meditation on life’s beginnings. Both express progression and vitality.

Artist Statement

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